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March 28, 2013
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FemShep Makeup by AngelaBermudez FemShep Makeup by AngelaBermudez
This is a little closeup so you can have a better look of the makeup :)
Fem Shep costume made by me.
Photo by Andres H.

People are talking about this so I want to answer some of the comments I found here and around the internet.

1. I dont have freckles, they are part of the make up, I wish, I love them :giggle:
2. This is part of the shoot that I am planning, I'm practicing how to make scars on my face and finishing the weapons that will be used for future "battle" pics.
3. Everyone knows that we can change the character at will, Red hair is not a must in this cosplay.
4. I received a lot of nagging about my nose ring, this is a feature I have in most of my cosplays, you can hardly find photos without it, it's something I chose not a bug :)

Thank you all for the support, good vibes and feedback~ Remember to check out my page [link] :bye:
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PakdeMatt Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014
I'm in love.....
Papineau Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
really nicely done cosplay
zentrandi Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014
this will always an forever be what Shep looks like in my mind.
WilliamFDrake Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
I think I wwiil make my femshep look like you in the next Mass Effect! Very impressiv! You and your skills in making costumes!
EmperorKarino Featured By Owner May 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
great cosplay and picture.
NMBR10OX Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014
Very well done, love the wear and tear details.  Your hair looks great and adding some subtle scars would be awesome.  Personally not into nose rings, but yours is tastefully done and it seems to suit you so keep it.  Also I think you would make a great character customization code, I wonder what it is?  Might take a crack at it if that is okay with you, though the XBOX choices are limited.
LiaraFemshep Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014
NeonEmpathy Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014  Student General Artist
how exactly did you make this wonderful cosplay! ugh i would love to commision you. just look at the amazing scratch detail you did on that! wow i just you look fantastic! COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY FANTASTIC
Merpower Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014  Student Artist
Stunning! So great and you did a fantastic job! Also you are gorgeous! 
HawtaMarx Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Just Epic! Heart Giggle 
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